Misty Mornings

Beautiful misty mornings are here! I love those mornings but don’t like the fact that autumn is coming! And by autumn I don’t mean colorful leaves, sunny days and stunning views! What I don’t like is rainy weeks, muddy roads, blues and sneeze that comes with it… Am I the only one struggling to smile and be happy in late […]

Caraway seeds and my granny

Traditional Latvian kitchen isn’t complete without caraway seeds. Rainy summer day. I and my granny are sitting in the old firewood shed. We are sitting on the table cloth. In front of us is a big pile of dried caraway plant whisk. We are taking them one by one into our hands. Rub the umbel and let the seeds fall […]

How to Store Dill for winter

How to prepare dill for winter? My favorite way is to freeze them. I don’t know why, but I don’t like the taste of dried dills. It’s completely┬ásomething different. To freeze the dill you need only a few minutes! I’m buying bulk from organic farmers and they usually are clean. If choose to wash: leave on the kitchen towel until […]

Goodbye July and Hello August!

Last 2 days in July were promising. Maybe the summer will come and the sun will be with us in August! Some how I remember how all the summer dresses and T-shirts had a discount on August! And it was bargain cause real summer (for 2-3 weeks) here in Latvia always started at August! This year looks the same.     […]