Caraway seeds and my granny

Traditional Latvian kitchen isn’t complete without caraway seeds.


Rainy summer day. I and my granny are sitting in the old firewood shed. We are sitting on the table cloth. In front of us is a big pile of dried caraway plant whisk. We are taking them one by one into our hands. Rub the umbel and let the seeds fall down on the tablecloth. After a while, all the caraway whisks are seed free and put in one side of the shed. I loved those days! The sound of caraway seeds falling on the tablecloth and the rain drops falling from the roof and making small paddles.  Cat purring somewhere behind us and the fresh wind in my hair… I was 6 years old and happy helping!


Those days are over. I’m grown up now and granny isn’t with us for a while now. I’m feeling responsible for bringing this tradition back! To give such a wonderful memories to my children and grandchildren one day!


So this year for the first time without my granny and as a grown up I was looking for the caraway plant in the nearest fields. And I was lucky! I had few caraways to collect in a whisk. After air drying it for a week I’ve tried to get seeds out. My, oh, my, it was satisfying! Caraway seeds fall down on the try and they are getting more and more.

Now I have my own caraway seeds to use with the beef in the buns or as a tea. Caraway seed tea is an ancient treatment for digestive problems, bronchitis, and even colic.

Me and my granny… I hope she’s happy with me!




27 thoughts on “Caraway seeds and my granny

  1. What wonderful memories and so good you are resurrecting the activite for those to come. I know only to use caraway seeds in Hungarian goulash so look forward to finding some Latvian recipes with them.

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  2. How wonderfully special are the memories shared with a loving Granny. And look at you keeping those memories alive by sharing with your family and us. Thank you for reminding me of sweet times shared with my Grandma.

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      1. In the days before air conditioning, my siblings and I used to walk to the local drug store to buy an ice cream treat to cool us down. This was a regular event on Friday nights. And the ice cream did the trick, as long as you ate it quickly, before it melted!

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