Crêpe or Thin Pancakes

In Latvian “plānās pankūkas” (thin pancakes) but most of the people know it as Crêpe. These are my favorite pancakes. I remember how mom used to bake them… rarely (maybe once a month, or so)! If she baked them every week it won’t be special! So, this morning I got up at 6am because of Helmī. After she fell asleep I […]

Fried potatoes – Latvian style

This is our comfort food! Childhood memories! Thursday – Friday nights at students dormitories kitchen. Why? Cause no money left for something else, good if you have oil and potatoes from home. So, this dish is the main cause, cause for others than Latvians it might look like a side dish :). So simple, that you might want to add ham […]

Gingerbread Men Cookies (recipe)

Happy 3rd Advent to you all!! I believe this is the perfect recipe for gingerbread men cookies! It’s super easy to make and tastes better than store-bought, no doubt! So don’t just sit there… go and try this recipe! Latvian Gingerbread cookies should be very thin, that means your dough should be perfect to roll it out. If you add […]

Latvian Gray Peas

My previous blog post was the recipe for gray peas. I shared it without thinking about “gray peas” as itself. Big Gray Peas are easy to get here in Latvia cause it turns out is something completely special. So special that have been enlisted in the European Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) list.     Gray peas are dried seeds of the local […]

Grey Peas With Bacon & Onions

This is one of the traditional Latvian dishes for the autumn and winter season. It is traditional Latvian Christmas dish! I usually make gray peas more than needed and then heat them up on the next day but not on New Year’s Eve! On the New Year’s Eve, everyone has to eat peas in order not to have tiers for the […]

Caraway seeds and my granny

Traditional Latvian kitchen isn’t complete without caraway seeds. Rainy summer day. I and my granny are sitting in the old firewood shed. We are sitting on the table cloth. In front of us is a big pile of dried caraway plant whisk. We are taking them one by one into our hands. Rub the umbel and let the seeds fall […]