Crêpe or Thin Pancakes

In Latvian “plānās pankūkas” (thin pancakes) but most of the people know it as Crêpe. These are my favorite pancakes. I remember how mom used to bake them… rarely (maybe once a month, or so)! If she baked them every week it won’t be special!


So, this morning I got up at 6am because of Helmī. After she fell asleep I had time to do something quietly or… go to bed.  I decided to surprise my little girls with sweet sweet breakfast. So I spent one hour in the kitchen to bake enough thin pancakes for all of us on breakfast. Those who have a big family will know that baking Crêpes on one pan isn’t hard but it’s a slow process. Especially if everyone is up and wait around the table.


So, this morning was different – Crêpes waited on the table. Usually, I make a dough in the blender, but this time I made it as my mom use to do it – old fashioned way – mixed all ingredients in a big bowl using a wooden spoon! I did it, cause everyone was sleeping. Pure love!

Everyone was surprised. Even grumpy Linna had no room for grumpiness this morning!
Linna: “Did you made pancakes!?”
Me: “Yes, Linna!”
Linna: “I wanted big thin ones…” (and started to make a grumpy face…. to weep – she does that a lot!)
Me: “Take a look, Linna!”
Linna with a happy smiley face.

I can share the recipe if you want/need one from Latvia.


15 thoughts on “Crêpe or Thin Pancakes

  1. One of the simple wonders of the traditional kitchen and there’s something satisfying about beating the batter by hand – in fact I don’t now have an electric beater. I like them with juice from a lemon squeezed on then sprinkled with sugar. Traditional English pancakes are much thicker but I much prefer ‘crêpe’.

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