Crêpe or Thin Pancakes

In Latvian “plānās pankūkas” (thin pancakes) but most of the people know it as Crêpe. These are my favorite pancakes. I remember how mom used to bake them… rarely (maybe once a month, or so)! If she baked them every week it won’t be special!


So, this morning I got up at 6am because of Helmī. After she fell asleep I had time to do something quietly or… go to bed.  I decided to surprise my little girls with sweet sweet breakfast. So I spent one hour in the kitchen to bake enough thin pancakes for all of us on breakfast. Those who have a big family will know that baking Crêpes on one pan isn’t hard but it’s a slow process. Especially if everyone is up and wait around the table.


So, this morning was different – Crêpes waited on the table. Usually, I make a dough in the blender, but this time I made it as my mom use to do it – old fashioned way – mixed all ingredients in a big bowl using a wooden spoon! I did it, cause everyone was sleeping. Pure love!

Everyone was surprised. Even grumpy Linna had no room for grumpiness this morning!
Linna: “Did you made pancakes!?”
Me: “Yes, Linna!”
Linna: “I wanted big thin ones…” (and started to make a grumpy face…. to weep – she does that a lot!)
Me: “Take a look, Linna!”
Linna with a happy smiley face.

I can share the recipe if you want/need one from Latvia.


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