Early morning after a late night!

Update: Two bigger girls don’t have a temperature but Nelle got itchy throat. Salt water gargle isn’t an option cause she doesn’t know how to do that. We will stick with pastilles and camomile tea, water and honey. That won’t be a problem. It looks like Helmī is allergic to quince! I added it to the herbal teas for extra C vitamin. She is covered with itchy spots from head to toes. We know that she is allergic to kiwi… but Latvian homegrown quince!? I would never think of that! Now she can’t sleep. She went to bed and 2am and was up and crying at 6am! Poor little girl! I have med to kill the rush and I hope she will sleep soon!


These few days with all girls at home and cold weather outside been interesting. We have been puzzling and playing doctors mainly. I made finger paint and play dough from scratch and girls hand fun! Nelle made small octopus baby and asked me to pack him so nothing bad happens to him. I might share the recipe later on. But mainly it’s water, flour, salt, and food coloring!


Etsy: A bit more items in my FamilyBizzBuzz shop but there’s still a lot to do!

Overall: We are fine and girls been asking to go out and ride with sleds cause it’s been snowing for a week or so.


P.S. I would love to go back to bed cause Helmī is sleeping now (7:18 am).



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