Sliding down the…hump?!

I love seeing that my kids don’t care if it’s hill, knoll, hillock or just a hump! Sliding down (even) the hump is fun! It’s not like we don’t have bigger humps around but why walk somewhere if you have one in the garden ūüôā They used sledge, bump slid and even bigger plastic bag to slide down the hump […]

Early morning after a late night!

Update: Two bigger girls don’t have a temperature but Nelle got itchy¬†throat. Salt water gargle isn’t an option cause she doesn’t know how to do that. We will stick with pastilles¬†and camomile tea, water and honey. That won’t be a problem. It looks like Helmńę is allergic¬†to¬†quince! I added it to the herbal teas for extra C vitamin. She is […]

How to make a salt dough?

1st of December… let’s begin preparing for Christmas. I know a lot of you are ready for Christmas already (I mean decorations and advent wreath) but here in Latvia… we are running into a forest for natural material for wreath right before Advent Sunday. Otherwise, it will fall apart. A few days ago the weather was so unpleasant that we […]

Easter bunny

This year my Easter bunny left sitting on the top of my vintage cupboard. This bunny is special. It was delivered to our home at the day when Linna was born. Why?! I don’t know. I was so carried away by the easter bunnies letter and all the activities for the girls, that decoration wasn’t #1 priority this year. We […]

Popsicle stick pattern cards

Yesterday¬†we had s¬†busy day by making and using popsicle stick pattern cards. I found few popsicle stick pattern cards on the Internet for Nelle to try out. Every new card was greeted with such an enthusiasm and happy face ready to start to match the pattern on the card with the colored popsicle sticks… After 30 minutes the Internet run […]

Chicken pox?

All my girls are home cause I’m still not sure if Helmńę (>1 year old) has Chicken pox or not! We visited doctor yesterday¬†and she said it is not the Chicken pox but she can’t say what it is!!! The diagnose was “Unknown allergic¬†reaction”. OK, I might say it is fine – we¬†ate few kiwis and melon on Saturday, it […]