Easter bunny

This year my Easter bunny left sitting on the top of my vintage cupboard. This bunny is special. It was delivered to our home at the day when Linna was born.HM1A6796.jpg

Why?! I don’t know. I was so carried away by the easter bunnies letter and all the activities for the girls, that decoration wasn’t #1 priority this year.Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.33.44

We had a lovely Easter. The Peter rabbit brought us a letter and small shovels for kids to dig. Peter encourage girls to learn reading and to be more friendly and help each other every day. Also, it would be nice if they can help mom too :). And gave us the first clue where to find Easter treats… or so we thought!

Actually, it was a clue to another clue… and another, and another… they were hidden in the garden and after a good long walk all across the garden (we have more than 7 ha or >17 acres … and Easter bunny didn’t save us – it took more than an hour to get all the 9 clues together) and a lot of digging we were ready to read the final clue of the location of the Easter basket! Finally!

We went back in and try to put the final clue together. And this year Nelle was lucky, that we had Alina with as she is 10 and she can read easily. Nex year Nelle will read, I hope!


In the Easter basket we had scissor cutting practice activity sheets I made:

And few good quality Easter sweets.
Girls loved it all! And I’m proud for managing it so well! Thay even wasn’t suspicious.



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