Scissor Cutting Skills / FREE Easter Printable Worksheet

About the Scissors cutting skill development you can find in my previous post: Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers.screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-13-17-24

For better results and faster learning start with tearing paper by hand and the cut short cuts and end with wavy lines.

I made Easter themed worksheets…. because, why not!  I’d say this a Preschool Cutting Activity for 3-year-olds and up. Don’t expect they will do it “perfect” for the first time.

Learning Sequence and links to printable files:

  1. TEARING paper by hands. (don’t need printable for that). Before you start to tearing paper be sure, that paper is thin enough for a kid to tear.

Most important – don’t rush it! It will come. All these printables isn’t for one day! If your kid asks more – then give, otherwise develop slowly. If there is a need for repeating short cuts over and over again. Try cut “the air”. Open & Close – Pause – Open & Close – Pause. And then: Open & Close – Open & Close – Pause – etc. You can sing a song and try to do rhythm with scissors. BUT: be sure it’s safe!

Now, after we finish all these cutting worksheets, I can say Nelle (4-year-old) is good with these short & long cuts. Now it’s time for shapes!


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