Scissor Cutting Skills / FREE Easter Printable Worksheet

About the Scissors cutting skill development you can find in my previous post: Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers.screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-13-17-24

For better results and faster learning start with tearing paper by hand and the cut short cuts and end with wavy lines.

I made Easter themed worksheets…. because, why not!  I’d say this a Preschool Cutting Activity for 3-year-olds and up. Don’t expect they will do it “perfect” for the first time.

Learning Sequence and links to printable files:

  1. TEARING paper by hands. (don’t need printable for that). Before you start to tearing paper be sure, that paper is thin enough for a kid to tear.

Most important – don’t rush it! It will come. All these printables isn’t for one day! If your kid asks more – then give, otherwise develop slowly. If there is a need for repeating short cuts over and over again. Try cut “the air”. Open & Close – Pause – Open & Close – Pause. And then: Open & Close – Open & Close – Pause – etc. You can sing a song and try to do rhythm with scissors. BUT: be sure it’s safe!

Now, after we finish all these cutting worksheets, I can say Nelle (4-year-old) is good with these short & long cuts. Now it’s time for shapes!


11 thoughts on “Scissor Cutting Skills / FREE Easter Printable Worksheet

  1. Manam videjam delam devu skeres jau no 18 menesu vecuma ar apaliem galiem, jo vins bija un ir traks griezejs. Viram ir joks, ka vinam knupis nomainija skeres un vajadzeja tas turet tuvuma, lai var visu laiku griezt. Pie tam, lai cik jocigi butu, vins ir kreilis, bet joprojam griez ar labo roku.

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