Weekend: Family time

It was a wonderfull weekend with my beloved ones. My brother with his girlfriend came to spend some quality time with us & girls. My brother is our Nelle’s godfather. She adores him! We didn’t leave home all weekend. Stayed inside, chatting and chilling, playing and eating. Talked a lot and even tried to make a concept and logo of a girlfriends business.  It was such a good time together. I’m grateful!


The snow storm started few minutes before they left. It was a nice, small snowflaked snow storm. I can’t recall when was the last time I saw such a lovely snow storm. It looked like a dance. It was so beautiful both me and Nelle looked through the window and sigh happily (don’t know another word!). Mother Nature was so beautiful.

Brother & his girlfriend left. Nelle asked my every 15 minutes to call him. But I explained her, that he is busy driving. He can’t answer. We send him voice message but he didn’t answer. After 3 hours brothers girlfriend wrote as and told, that now they are going home… (What’s going on! Where were they!?)…I kept up with reading the message…

“…there was a car 300m before us in the snow storm (it was dark and snowing!) and then heavy snowstorm begin right in front of us and the car despaired in the snow storm! We tried to look for the missing cars tracks and found it in the ditch! We helped the girl and her brother to get out of the crashed car and call the ambulance and drove all the way to the hospital to be sure, that they are fine. Everything is fine and now we are driving home…”

This is not the first time this year he helped someone like that… I’m proud!

But we ate bread with jam and drank milk – a taste from Janis childhood when store bought sweets was rare and only on holidays!


P.S. I hope to finish my cutting files tomorrow and share with you!

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