European pine marten

Oh! That was a surprise! Something in the apple tree.. jumping… from one to another… squirrel! But wait! It is not a squirrel! What is it!? It is a European pine marten I guess! Can’t see!


I stood quietly at the window and looked at the “pine marten”. That was all I can do, had all my girls at home and it was snowy and cold outside. If I move to take a camera and run outside it certainly will be gone… it was quick! I enjoyed the view Mother Nature gave to us. But I looked through windows for pine marten all the time!

And there it was! I run to get my camera, stepped in Janis big snow boots and grabbed a coat. Run outside and started to look for the pine marten.

This is the best picture 😉 And my first picture and time I saw European pine marten! In love! But… pine marten is a predator! the diet includes small mammals, carrion, birds, insects, and fruits.

I love living there – the Nature part!


P.S. Sometimes you look for birds but get something else 🙂



7 thoughts on “European pine marten

  1. That is indeed a marten, they aren’t uncommon around here but generally
    darker in color – being members of the weasel family they are hyperactive
    and predators for sure as are all members of the weasel family.
    Kind of a gift that you got to see one and take it’s photo.

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