White Swans: Mute swans

Till today I thought there are only one species os swans… well not true! There are three different species in Latvia. These ones (below in the picture) are Mute swans (Cygnus olor). These two are in the pond next to our grandmother’s house. Beautiful birds. And so big! I had the chance to see them very close the other day […]

European Greenfinch

These birds are silly! They like to visit our feeder and they always stick together. I saw them in the cherry tree near the feeder. Grab a camera and run out. Silly Greenfinch flew away to the nearest tree when saw me with the camera. Ilze

Poecile palustris / Poecile montana

This is one of the smallest bird coming to our feeder. This is some sort of tit but I can’t tell whether its Willow tit or Marsh tit!  More pictures here. They both are so similar. Both have a black head and black spot under the beak. Some say the only way to tell is the song or Willow tit has a […]

Wood Pigeon / Columba Palumbus

About a year ago I saw two wood pigeons flying away from a fir tree. And for me, it’s not easy to identify the bird from the back! Since it was my first time saw Common Wood Pigeon. Today I was lucky – they were there again! And I made it to the camera and back to the window. I […]

Common chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs

Bird watching is something interesting. And you can do it no matter if you have a whole day or just an hour. This time I took my camera and run out for few minutes to capture the Mother Natures beauty. Spring. I like to run out for few minutes to be alone. These 10 – 20 minutes are so refreshing. Living […]

European pine marten

Oh! That was a surprise! Something in the apple tree.. jumping… from one to another… squirrel! But wait! It is not a squirrel! What is it!? It is a European pine marten I guess! Can’t see! I stood quietly at the window and looked at the “pine marten”. That was all I can do, had all my girls at home […]

Feeder Birds: European crested tit

I thought of sharing some birds we have here in Latvia in the winter time. We have feeders near a window but in distance, so we don’t disturb them. Mostly tits are coming to our feeder, sometimes woodpeckers. I love to watch them eat and sit in the nearest trees and sometimes we are lucky to see an unseen species. Like this […]

Eurasian treecreeper

Can you find the bird in the picture bellow? So small, so quick and likes to look under our old pine trees bark.  I think it is Eurasian treecreeper (oh, what a name!). I hope you find it! Never seen before. But maybe the reason is excellent camouflaging technic and teeny-weeny size of it! Nice, I had my camera with me! […]