White Swans: Mute swans

Till today I thought there are only one species os swans… well not true! There are three different species in Latvia. These ones (below in the picture) are Mute swans (Cygnus olor).


These two are in the pond next to our grandmother’s house. Beautiful birds. And so big! I had the chance to see them very close the other day and I would say they are like a small boat that slides through the water and I can imagine small baby swans sitting inside easily.

Ilze Coat_of_Arms_of_Gulbene.svg

P.S. These swans are here cause they want to be there, not because someone decides they are here. For example, city Gulben has swans in the city park’s lake, but they are with cut wings so they can’t fly away. At the winter time they live in a barn and in the spring they are brought back to the Gulbene’s lake. It’s SAD! It’s more than SAD! Who was so stupid to make such decision! And it’s all because swan (Gulbis in Latvian) is Gulbene’s symbol. Crazy!

9 thoughts on “White Swans: Mute swans

    1. … sometimes I think I need to fight for such absurd but then again I will fight all the time, cause there are a lot “wrong” in Gulbene…


      1. Of course I don’t know about Gulbene other than what you tell us but sadly the whole world is polluted with “wrong” and, as you say, we cannot fight everything. Maybe we can choose just one “wrong” to fight against. Other than signing the occasional petition I have chosen ‘discrimination’ of all kinds but particularly, here in the UK, discrimination against women. Maybe you could choose just the Gulbene swans.

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  1. I didn’t know they did that to swans😩 I’m going to check if they do that to the swans at Boston Public Gardens, it is also know for their swans!! Your swans are lovely, what a beautiful sight❤️


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