Common chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs

Bird watching is something interesting. And you can do it no matter if you have a whole day or just an hour. This time I took my camera and run out for few minutes to capture the Mother Natures beauty. Spring.

I like to run out for few minutes to be alone. These 10 – 20 minutes are so refreshing. Living in the present moment. Walking, feeling, seeing… so good! Aware of everything around you. And hence the bird watching. It came to me naturally since we are living outside the city!


It is always interesting to see unseen species! Especially when you think that all the local species are seen! But today was that day when something unseen sat in the apple tree.

And I didn’t know the bird. I took a picture and tried to get closer, but … suddenly it was gone. Or should I say she!? Chaffinch female. Who knew I still have “unknown” birds in my garden!


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      An excellent photo!! May I ask what lens did you use to capture it? I never tried bird watch although I many people who do it and love it 🙂 maybe I should have a go 🤔

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        For bird watching you don’t need lens, maybe binoculars (I don’t have one) & Collins bird guide (if you are in Europe) and time to be close to nature. For this picture I used my “bird lens” Sigma 100-400mm. Try looking for birds in parks, woods, etc. Now it’s spring here and you can hear them singing – easier to start. Good luck!

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