This year’s birds feeder

I can’t find the post about the previous bird feeder we had but it’s time to share the “new on”. I guess there won’t be such thing as “NEW” feeder in this household cause reduce, reuse, recycle… is something I like.   So, this year we have a lantern that was crashed buy wind in the middle of the summer […]

Poecile palustris / Poecile montana

This is one of the smallest bird coming to our feeder. This is some sort of tit but I can’t tell whether its Willow tit or Marsh tit!  More pictures here. They both are so similar. Both have a black head and black spot under the beak. Some say the only way to tell is the song or Willow tit has a […]

Common chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs

Bird watching is something interesting. And you can do it no matter if you have a whole day or just an hour. This time I took my camera and run out for few minutes to capture the Mother Natures beauty. Spring. I like to run out for few minutes to be alone. These 10 – 20 minutes are so refreshing. Living […]

Feeder Birds: European crested tit

I thought of sharing some birds we have here in Latvia in the winter time. We have feeders near a window but in distance, so we don’t disturb them. Mostly tits are coming to our feeder, sometimes woodpeckers. I love to watch them eat and sit in the nearest trees and sometimes we are lucky to see an unseen species. Like this […]

Who’s working and who’s having day off

Last two days are busy for me. My two bigger girls are having a day off from kindergarten. For them, it’s sleep til 9:30 am and having fun all day without napping! And going to bed at 11:30 pm.  For me, it’s a had time especially when it comes when I’m not prepared! And by prepared I meant everything else […]

Eurasian treecreeper

Can you find the bird in the picture bellow? So small, so quick and likes to look under our old pine trees bark.  I think it is Eurasian treecreeper (oh, what a name!). I hope you find it! Never seen before. But maybe the reason is excellent camouflaging technic and teeny-weeny size of it! Nice, I had my camera with me! […]