This year’s birds feeder

I can’t find the post about the previous bird feeder we had but it’s time to share the “new on”. I guess there won’t be such thing as “NEW” feeder in this household cause reduce, reuse, recycle… is something I like.

No zoom used, I’m standing next to the feeder!


So, this year we have a lantern that was crashed buy wind in the middle of the summer resulting to broken glass parts and doors. Well, I can still use it for candles and while candlelight outside isn’t the thing for the winter I decided to use it as a bird feeder.

While adding food to the feeder… They can’t wait to dig in!

The previous feeder was destroyed by wind (it was a big pot for plants that looked like a cup and saucer!). Hope this will survive through the winter cause tits love it!



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