School of Art on Tuesday

This year school of art is on Tuesdays. And the big news is that not only Nelle but also Linna is attending it!

Linna loves school and showing good progress. She is in the same class as Nelle – 5-6 year-olds, she is 4 at the moment.

Linnas still life

This was the only class she din’t liked… It looks like she is more on graphic and painting, than still life… But she can’t wait for next Tuesday!

Nelles still life

There are “wise people” who said that it will be bad them being in the same class! They will fight – who’s better but I guess so far is OK.


7 thoughts on “School of Art on Tuesday

  1. Art is defined by our interpretation of what we experience and since everyone experiences things differently, each artist’s work should be different; not better or worse, just different. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s hope your girls learn to appreciate each others work and become closer for sharing this class.


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