Who’s working and who’s having day off

Last two days are busy for me. My two bigger girls are having a day off from kindergarten. For them, it’s sleep til 9:30 am and having fun all day without napping! And going to bed at 11:30 pm.  For me, it’s a had time especially when it comes when I’m not prepared!


And by prepared I meant everything else done! Like dishes, laundry, dusted and washed floors and all clean and sparkle. If I have my own plans (yeah right – just household chores I have to do!) it’s getting impossible to watch over my girls and play with them!

In those days I’m with them and our house looks like a mess! But I hope one day they will remember us having fun together not dirty dishes and untidy space!

I’m off for few days, to spend time with my girls! How to be back soon!


P.S. Today we saw 6 great tits eating together! Captured through 3 windows (living room window and two corner windows of a veranda. The glass of these two windows are old and wrinkle not new and crystal clear like the living rooms window).

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