Happy Mail Day #2: Tagine / Tajine

Tagine is here! I’m so happy to receive this! I couldn’t wait to have it. My first “maybe I need it” was 3 years ago.  Then I couldn’t decide how big I want and what style. We have a lovely store in Riga – Muhamors and you can take a look at all the beautiful tagines they have here. It is pity they don’t send abroad!

Tadžina / Tagine

I never before had a tagine and I don’t know any recipe but I know that it comes from Moroccan kitchen. I received this as a gift for my name day. Today I’ve tried simple recipe: vegetable stew with cream and it was so delicious I woke to empty Tagine!!! I wanted to take a picture for the recipe but I hope I make one more in this upcoming week!

My first time and I can say – Yes, that is something I need!


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