Chicken pox?

All my girls are home cause I’m still not sure if Helmī (>1 year old) has Chicken pox or not! We visited doctor yesterday and she said it is not the Chicken pox but she can’t say what it is!!! The diagnose was “Unknown allergic reaction”. OK, I might say it is fine – we ate few kiwis and melon on Saturday, it is not like Helmi hadn’t eaten kiwi or melon before… but it is Thursday (!!!) and these so called “not chicken pox” are getting more and more.. few new (4-7) every day!


I’m keeping my bigger daughters home to be sure they don’t bring THIS to kindergarten or to someone who is pregnant! But still, there isn’t any sign of chicken pox on them.

Maybe it is not a Chicken pox… But what is it!? I googled all around the net for an answer but I cant’find it! I’m confused! For how long allergic reaction will make these “not chicken pox” on my girl’s body :(? Will it end as mystical as it started!?


P.S. We’ve tried a new game: making popsicle patterns.

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