Poecile palustris / Poecile montana

This is one of the smallest bird coming to our feeder. This is some sort of tit but I can’t tell whether its Willow tit or Marsh tit! Willow tit or Marsh tit
More pictures here.

They both are so similar. Both have a black head and black spot under the beak. Some say the only way to tell is the song or Willow tit has a brighter line on wings. Still can’t tell what’s coming to our feeder whether it’s willow tit or Marsh tit.


6 thoughts on “Poecile palustris / Poecile montana

      1. I am glad I could help. I have a very large number of excellent guidebooks, and from old experts too. Inherited some from an old friend who passed away last year. We used to look at birds together some 20 years ago.

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