Update: Branches after 10 days

Sorry, I forgot! I’m forcing branches to bloom every year for the last five years. And it worked! Always on time! Ready to decorate Easter table. But this year when I wanted to write about it and show “before” and “after” something went wrong. I guess the branches feels the rainy days outside. Despite the fact that they are brought inside – still, need good sunshine through the window to bloom!bird-cherry

I wrote the 5-day update post and you can read about it and see pictures here. In the next day, all the leaves of bird-cherry started to get brown. Plum & cherry was dry only larch tree was good looking.

I trough away bird-cherry, plum, and cherry and cut few new bird-cherry branches to force bloom shortly before Easter (5 days left). On the Easter, I had bird-cherry in leaves and good looking larch. Nice, but I forgot to take a picture. But I did take picture 5 days after Easter 🙂 (10 days in total). Larch didn’t survive but bird-cherry did! Finally



4 thoughts on “Update: Branches after 10 days

  1. Wow, bird-cherry branches. And blooming in just 10 days ! Beautiful 🙂 I have never tried bird-cherry branches for Easter. I mostly use birch and/or apple branches. Next year I will try the bird-cherry.


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