Early morning after a late night!

Update: Two bigger girls don’t have a temperature but Nelle got itchy throat. Salt water gargle isn’t an option cause she doesn’t know how to do that. We will stick with pastilles and camomile tea, water and honey. That won’t be a problem. It looks like Helmī is allergic to quince! I added it to the herbal teas for extra C vitamin. She is […]


I spent yesterday doodling in Illustrator… Never used an Illustrator before. Tried to do a small “project”…. … got dizzy! I don’t know where that day went… but I guess I liked it so much even don’t mind spending one-day moving points! I was so entertained… end up having a headache! It’s not good to look at a screen (a […]

Printable Santa’s Beard Countdown Calendar

This year I made Santa’s beard countdown calendar. A bit different Advent calendar – no presents, no treats – just countdown. I can’t decide whether girls would love to see the date of the day (like a calendar) or answer to the question: how much days till Christmas!? There are Advent Sundays when we lit the candle and those days are […]

DIY: Easy Potato Stamps

This is something I thought of when Linna wanted to help me in the kitchen. I was in the hurry so I needed her to be off the “helping”. I asked Linna to wash potatoes while I was looking around (still mess in my kitchen – haven’t finished it!) for cookie cutters. I was lucky! I found them just in […]

Popsicle stick pattern cards

Yesterday we had s busy day by making and using popsicle stick pattern cards. I found few popsicle stick pattern cards on the Internet for Nelle to try out. Every new card was greeted with such an enthusiasm and happy face ready to start to match the pattern on the card with the colored popsicle sticks… After 30 minutes the Internet run […]

DIY: T-Shirt folder for kids

I wish my kids can help with laundry! My wish was granted! I found instructions for super cool t-shirt folder made out of cardboard in the Facebook few days ago! I was sceptic as all the Latvians are (yes, most of Latvians are sceptic for new things!).  This is my first time using something like that. I know, I know someone is […]

71 colored pencils

I’ve just sharpened 71 colored pencils (is it colored or coloured!?)!!!!  71! 71!! I did it using Prism (manual, pocket) sharpener! The simplest and the oldest variant of all the sharpeners….. Yes, that one! For each one of the 71 pencils! Why we have such a big amount of pencils!? Where did they came from!? Wait a minute!!? I haven’t bought any of them!!! Why should I have […]