I spent yesterday doodling in Illustrator… Never used an Illustrator before. Tried to do a small “project”….


… got dizzy! I don’t know where that day went… but I guess I liked it so much even don’t mind spending one-day moving points! I was so entertained… end up having a headache! It’s not good to look at a screen (a small one – MacBook Air!) for all day! Need to take 15 minutes break every hour!

So I couldn’t wait when girls will be asleep so I can go to bed too!

I won’t do that again… or at least not consciously!


17 thoughts on “Illustrator

    1. If I had comfy office chair, than I would say that iMac is better, but since I like snuggle in armchair or sofa, Air is cool! πŸ™‚ I guess it depends on what you trying to do! Air has good resolution and it’s winter outside πŸ™‚

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          1. That would be cool. 😊
            Sometimes I draw the illustrations of my blogs’ feature image myself on illustrator.

            I would like to share my designs with you in future.
            Also Please do follow my blog.
            Thank you.

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