I spent yesterday doodling in Illustrator… Never used an Illustrator before. Tried to do a small “project”…. … got dizzy! I don’t know where that day went… but I guess I liked it so much even don’t mind spending one-day moving points! I was so entertained… end up having a headache! It’s not good to look at a screen (a […]

DIY: Baking Corner

I’m so happy I’m gonna cry! I HAVE THE BAKING CORNER! And the best part – I made it! I made it from boards – few new and few old, few planed and few unplaned covered in splinters.  I did it and I’m proud! Indeed! I can’t express my satisfaction! I had an old shelf and at first, I wanted to […]

First part: Baking corner

I decided to divide all the DIY kitchen unit project into smaller units. There will be a baking corner, sink & dishwasher section, cooktop & oven section and all for dining section. First will be the baking corner. I needed extra mixing & product storage space. I already know that I will love it! I decide to start with that, […]

Kitchen units in making

I spent the whole day cutting the boards I got a few days ago. Why? I’m the ambitious young mom of 3 and I want to make my own kitchen units out of real wood. I know it’s something crazy, cause wood doesn’t like water. But. I already made a blueprint 🙂 I’m not aiming for something glamorous or complicated. Something […]

New little helpers: Drill & Impact Driver

We can be whatever we want. We can do anything. Anything we love! Now it feels like I’m into woodworking. And why not!? Yesterday felt like a birthday! I got new tools – little helpers, that helps a lot. Makita cordless impact driver and drill! It’s time to finish what I’ve started before we went for small caravan trip more than […]

New Hobby: Woodworking

Or should I say – simple woodworking?! Is there such thing as simple and not so simple woodworking!? I guess.   My first cut ever and already with my own (I don’t know why Janis bought me a used miter saw before we left for the caravanning!!! I was more than surprised!) miter saw is captured in a video. Now I’m […]