Kitchen units in making

I spent the whole day cutting the boards I got a few days ago. Why? I’m the ambitious young mom of 3 and I want to make my own kitchen units out of real wood. I know it’s something crazy, cause wood doesn’t like water. But. I already made a blueprint 🙂


I’m not aiming for something glamorous or complicated. Something that I can make and enjoy the process of making.


Something that can be made with simple tools cause I don’t have router or pocket screw Jig. And no experience. Short on time… and busy with other things.


And guess what!! I love what I can do with my hands and my mind too. I love the result!

IMG_20170820_210009_451It’s not fast & easy but it IS satisfying & relatively cheap!


13 thoughts on “Kitchen units in making

    1. YES! I quit saying “I can’t, I’m a girl!”, will see… Have you ever find yourself in a similar situation. When you can’t do something because of stereotypes!?


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