71 colored pencils

I’ve just sharpened 71 colored pencils (is it colored or coloured!?)!!!!  71! 71!! I did it using Prism (manual, pocket) sharpener! The simplest and the pencil sharpeneroldest variant of all the sharpeners….. Yes, that one! For each one of the 71 pencils!

Why we have such a big amount of pencils!? Where did they came from!? Wait a minute!!? I haven’t bought any of them!!! Why should I have to sharpen them every second week!?

So much questions in my head… while looking on the right arm! I even have a blister on the middle finger! Come on! Too much pencils for two girls!

I ordered a cheapest automatic pencil sharpener that I can find in ebay. This one also can be powered through USB – in case we will still have pencils to sharpen in our first family travel trailer trip through Europe (FFTTTTE)… I can’t wait to try it…. no, to have it (coming all the way from UK). I don’t mind to have mechanical (vintage) one too. But I’m confused! I wandered in the Internet for a an hour or so and didn’t find anything final.

I need pencil sharpener for cheap colour pencils that typically (here in LV) are bought for pre-school kids. I can’t enjoy pencil sharpening with this Prism sharpener any more!If you have any suggestions, please comment below!  Thank you!


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