Sunday evening…

One day my mom told me that she don’t like Sundays evenings.. I think it was Sunday evening…. Especially when the sun goes down… Sounds terribly wrong for me and so I asked… WHY?!hm1a7759

When she was a child she felt sad every Sunday evening. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter.. spring or autumn. She felt empty and sad. She felt like something is coming to the end. (In Latvia our week starts on Monday and ends with Sunday!) She still can’t explain her feelings.

“Maybe because you didn’t want to go to school!?” I asked. “No! I loved to go to school. Meet all the friends and have fun!”. She had no sister or brother. Well she had step-brother but he didn’t live with her and was 18 years older…

hm1a7757…since that conversation sometimes I feel that Sunday evening sadness too! And I can’t explain it either… I courage myself to go further! Get out of that and love the life I live! And the evening turns out positive!

I always try to take my sadness and make it into something positive.



7 thoughts on “Sunday evening…

    1. It sure is! I can’t explain mine either! I try to do something I love. Going outside and having fun in the snow. Playing with my girls. Cooking something.. And so on! Don’t let that feeling catch you today, Inese!

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  1. I think that is a common thing. The weekend is so relaxing and fun and then it is starting “the grind” – work – school – structure. I think many of us get this feeling. 🙂

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