DIY: T-Shirt folder for kids

I wish my kids can help with laundry!tshirt-folder

My wish was granted! I found instructions for super cool t-shirt folder made out of cardboard in the Facebook few days ago! I was sceptic as all the Latvians are (yes, most of Latvians are sceptic for new things!).  This is my first time using something like that. I know, I know someone is selling plastic ones and maybe you can buy these somewhere in USA, but here in Latvia it’s something new… Or is it just for me!?

Well, now it’s time to make one. How to do that?! Use this tutorials and measurements… but I did my way. Took one of my girls t-shirt (I believe my girls can fold here t-shirts) fold it and measured the sides (I got: 20.5 cm x 17 cm). And made my t-shirt folder based on these measurements. Cut 6 rectangles: 20.5cm x 17cm. And stick together as shown in the picture.

Simple. All you need is cardboard and Duct Tape. And 10 minutes  or even less… Quick to make and works like a charm! And now Nelle is having fun and I should make another one for 2 year old Linna, too!


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