Artisan Bread

I heard these two words together a lot! Have you!? Artisan bread…well?! Is it the look of the bread or the process how you make it or even the maker, that makes bread an artisan bread!? This one for sure is homemade! Artisan bread?! Not sure 🙂 Ilze

DIY: Easy Potato Stamps

This is something I thought of when Linna wanted to help me in the kitchen. I was in the hurry so I needed her to be off the “helping”. I asked Linna to wash potatoes while I was looking around (still mess in my kitchen – haven’t finished it!) for cookie cutters. I was lucky! I found them just in […]


Kombucha. If you never heard of such thing – Kombucha can be described as ‘fermented tea’. Since the first time I’ve tasted kombucha I was interested to brew my own kombucha at home. Main reason – to know what’s inside and to make my own different flavors. In order to make kombucha, you’ll need a kombucha mother, also known as a SCOBY […]

DIY: T-Shirt folder for kids

I wish my kids can help with laundry! My wish was granted! I found instructions for super cool t-shirt folder made out of cardboard in the Facebook few days ago! I was sceptic as all the Latvians are (yes, most of Latvians are sceptic for new things!).  This is my first time using something like that. I know, I know someone is […]