Hand knitted socks

Hand knitted socks are something our family love! All my girls have wool socks to wear in boots when going out in winter. When we have to wait until our central heating heats up the house, wool socks are just in time!  My mom makes all our wool socks! More than 20 pairs per year!!! Starting with socks that are more […]

55 identical Christmas greeting cards

I’m grateful to Aija, who believed in me and gave me an opportunity to fall in love with cardmaking once again! Thank you, Aija for such a beautiful time spent in my craft corner. Last time I made cards was a year ago and it seemed impossible to get back to cardmaking after… DIY wooden kitchen project…. It felt like I […]

Card Making

Handmade Christmas cards aren’t cheap but they are unique and made by a person, not a machine. I started to make cards when I was pregnant with my first girl in the year 2012. I’ve been through a lot of phases since then: had time, didn’t want to see cardmaking stuff, had time and loved making cards, had time but […]

DIY: T-Shirt folder for kids

I wish my kids can help with laundry! My wish was granted! I found instructions for super cool t-shirt folder made out of cardboard in the Facebook few days ago! I was sceptic as all the Latvians are (yes, most of Latvians are sceptic for new things!).  This is my first time using something like that. I know, I know someone is […]