Hand knitted socks

Hand knitted socks are something our family love! All my girls have wool socks to wear in boots when going out in winter. When we have to wait until our central heating heats up the house, wool socks are just in time! IMG_20171204_193544_414.jpg

My mom makes all our wool socks! More than 20 pairs per year!!! Starting with socks that are more like slippers till socks that are delicate lace for special occasions. IMG_20171204_193604_191.jpg

It’s time to offer such beauty to the world! Now I need to convince my mom and open an Etsy shop 🙂


P.S. Pictures were taken by my mom 🙂

26 thoughts on “Hand knitted socks

  1. My grandma used to make us each a pair of socks for Christmas. I have tried to keep up the tradition by making a pair of socks for each birthday. There is NOTHING like homemade wool socks!

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  2. I’ve started knitting again after nearly 40 (!!!) years and really enjoying it. My partner has asked me to knit him some socks. My first reaction was ‘you’re kidding me’, but your post has inspired me!

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