Having fun with headlight

Janis bought a LED Headlight for himself but girls asked politely and Janis couldn’t resist. Girls were happy to play with it. At the beginning, they just take turns and spend time close to us in our living room. We thought: don’t look into eyes with it, don’t look into light, don’t fight over it – take turns, don’t exclude Helmī 🙂


At the end, we found them in their room, lights down and exploring shadows and trying to find each other and hidden things. Also, they find out that if you go close to the window… you can see the snow snowing!



9 thoughts on “Having fun with headlight

  1. Kiddos love flashlights of any sort especially one for the forehead. I gave one of these to my grandson when he was about 4 or 5, now my son-in-law borrows it for hands free work in tight places when he needs a flashlight and afterward my grandson has to look in dad’s toolbox when he needs it for exploring. I guess it was a good family gift.

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