Happy Mail Day #6

Another thing for cardmaking. Not just “another thing”! Something I wanted for ages but wasn’t ready to spend 105,- Euro! Now it’s here and I got it for a half price cause it’s used but it was written: “Condition: Like” I usually don’t believe but this time it really is “like new”!!! Bargain!


Introducing, my friend (from trusted family): Dahle 550 Rolling Trimmer!


I’ve been having a smaller Dahle rolling trimmer for 5 years now and it’s amazing! It does straight cut, it’s precise and durable! Love it! I’ve been cutting all edges of my cards with it! I even used it for the 55 Christmas cards I made a week ago!


I will love this one too! I just know it!


7 thoughts on “Happy Mail Day #6

  1. Wow! You really are going into card making. I’ve had a small roller cutter for years but haven’t used it for ages, don’t know where it is nor the make. I used it only to cut A3 and A4 to smaller A sizes, so nothing complicated. It’s a lot easier, and more precise, than using a rule and knife.

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