Pure Wool Socks

Today I had time to update my Etsy shop “FamilyBizzBuzz“. I added my mom’s hand knitted wool socks. She loves to knit and she has very low income, so my idea is to sell her handknitted socks and give all the money to her. She says that no one needs a hand knitted wool socks anymore! Let’s prove her wrong. […]

Another Pair (wool socks)

Was surprised receiving this picture from my mom. She made another pair of wool socks. This time they aren’t that traditional. For the first time, I see she made a different toe! Interesting and I love it! These will be a birthday gift for an old lady. Nice! I almost started an Etsy shop early this week for my mom’s socks, but there […]

Hand knitted socks

Hand knitted socks are something our family love! All my girls have wool socks to wear in boots when going out in winter. When we have to wait until our central heating heats up the house, wool socks are just in time!  My mom makes all our wool socks! More than 20 pairs per year!!! Starting with socks that are more […]