Pure Wool Socks

Today I had time to update my Etsy shop “FamilyBizzBuzz“. I added my mom’s hand knitted wool socks.

She loves to knit and she has very low income, so my idea is to sell her handknitted socks and give all the money to her.

She says that no one needs a hand knitted wool socks anymore! Let’s prove her wrong. I love wool socks and use them as slippers. Don’t know what else to say. Knitted with love.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.01.36.png

All the socks in the etsy shop are ready to send out. Also, if you have a special order – size, colors… let us know! There is a tab on my bog “PURE WOOL SOCKS” that has a bit more information.

Thank you,


9 thoughts on “Pure Wool Socks

  1. I have a pair of your mum’s socks, as you know. I wear them as slippers and I love them. If I could walk as I used to, I would for certain have more than one pair to wear inside walking shoes/boots.They are so comfortable.

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  2. Your mom is wrong! Everyone needs wool socks! 😀 They are so cosy!
    Sadly I have so many wool socks made by my grandmother right now, but I wish you good luck selling your mother’s 🙂 They are very cosy looking and elegant style!

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