Pure Wool Socks

Today I had time to update my Etsy shop “FamilyBizzBuzz“. I added my mom’s hand knitted wool socks. She loves to knit and she has very low income, so my idea is to sell her handknitted socks and give all the money to her. She says that no one needs a hand knitted wool socks anymore! Let’s prove her wrong. […]

Early morning after a late night!

Update: Two bigger girls don’t have a temperature but Nelle got itchy throat. Salt water gargle isn’t an option cause she doesn’t know how to do that. We will stick with pastilles and camomile tea, water and honey. That won’t be a problem. It looks like Helmī is allergic to quince! I added it to the herbal teas for extra C vitamin. She is […]

Etsy shop: FamilyBizzBuzz

Finally, I’ve started an Etsy shop… I once sold mom’s made socks on eBay and that was way easier than sell on Etsy… but someone suggested Etsy for handmade things, so Etsy it will be! The main reason for Etsy shop was my moms handknitted 100% wool socks that are natural and warm. But I also want to sell some digital […]