Etsy shop: FamilyBizzBuzz

Finally, I’ve started an Etsy shop… I once sold mom’s made socks on eBay and that was way easier than sell on Etsy… but someone suggested Etsy for handmadeΒ things, so Etsy it will be!

The main reason for Etsy shop was my moms handknitted 100% wool socks that are natural and warm. But I also want to sell some digital “stuff” for kids.

I end up (actually this was the first and the only name that came into my mind) calling our shop: FamilyBizzBuzz.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 13.47.50

I would say that shop isn’t “open” yet! There are only a few items shared. I’m working on it! I found myself asking questions “is it worth it?”. But then again – I never tried an Etsy shop… so why not!

Work in progress!


UPDATE: Changed logo thanks to the blog. Didn’t like how it looked into square “Featured Image”. So, now it’s square πŸ™‚

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