Another Pair (wool socks)

Was surprised receiving this picture from my mom. She made another pair of wool socks. This time they aren’t that traditional. For the first time, I see she made a different toe! Interesting and I love it! These will be a birthday gift for an old lady. Nice!


I almost started an Etsy shop early this week for my mom’s socks, but there must be socks made to take a picture and upload… My mom isn’t good at taking pictures, so this one has her feet and slipper in it 🙂 Funny!



19 thoughts on “Another Pair (wool socks)

  1. They look really great. It is attractive with different coloured toe. I saw on Etsy that sometimes it said ‘only one available’ so looked like the seller made one then waited for sale to make the next. I suppose made to order might be better because of all the different sizes required.

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      1. No problem. I’ll do it after Christmas. I will not want the white toe because, as I told you, I would use as ‘slippers’ so not inside boots so would want just the grey natural sheep’s wool except for a typical Latvian design at the top.


        1. 🙂 well it’s like riding a bicycle.. once you learn it – hard to forget. It might get wobbly , slow or unstable if getting older but still – you know how to do it 🙂


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