55 identical Christmas greeting cards

I’m grateful to Aija, who believed in me and gave me an opportunity to fall in love with cardmaking once again! Thank you, Aija for such a beautiful time spent in my craft corner. Last time I made cards was a year ago and it seemed impossible to get back to cardmaking after… DIY wooden kitchen project….

It felt like I can’t switch from cutting wood to cutting paper! from rough to delicate! I’m very precise and I want all cards to be perfect. You know that all the cards, that are printed or made by “machinery” is perfect – cutting lines are straight and all the cards are identical. No doubt! But these cards won’t have a soul in it…

I love making “identical” cards… until the 15th card! Then it gets annoying! This time I got to make 55 “identical” handmade greeting cards and I wasn’t bored!!! Nice! I guess my girls taught me to be patient 🙂

I can’t share the card yet, but I will!


P.S. My biggest identical handmade greeting card total is 145 :).

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