Oh, it’s a full moon!

Girls were driving me crazy at the weekend! I couldn’t explain why! They were so active and challenging! Fighting with each other, running, jumping, banging head and believing that they can fly… form sofa to armchair!


Helmī was the craziest, the most active, the fastest, the crybaby and the extreme sports winner for sure! I would say discoverer of new extreme sports! Dealing with all that my nerves were pretty shot! I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, also physically exhausted too!

I asked myself – why my kids are crazy, what is going on! I can’t stand it! It was like a nightmare… and finally, when I put them to beds and turn off the light I found the answer!


It was a full moon! I immediately took my camera and run out for few minutes, just to capture the beauty of full moon! Enjoy!


29 thoughts on “Oh, it’s a full moon!

  1. Yes, the moon does strange things to children….and adults. My sister used to work the switchboard answering phones on the night shift at our local hospital. Even when she went into work during daylight when the moon was full, she knew. Those nights, the calls got crazy and the emergency room got really busy. It still amazes me how much the moon affects our sleep patterns and our level of craziness. Lucky for you it only comes around once every 29 days. Hang in there!

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  2. Lovely photo Ilze. Didn’t see it till this morning (you know why). A couple of days ago we had a ‘supermoon’. Unfortunately it was directly in front of us as I drove P to school – enormous – so I could not not pictures, just wonder at it. P said pupils at school were ‘hyper’!

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