Full Moon & Mosquitoes!

Beautiful full moon tempted me to go outside at night (I’m a bit afraid of the dark, if alone outside) with a camera in hand. Is it just me or are there more mosquitoes this year? I bet Mosquitoes number hasn’t changed. That is because so many people have left Latvia to work in UK, Ireland, Norway, etc., only a few […]

Oh, it’s a full moon!

Girls were driving me crazy at the weekend! I couldn’t explain why! They were so active and challenging! Fighting with each other, running, jumping, banging head and believing that they can fly… form sofa to armchair! Helmī was the craziest, the most active, the fastest, the crybaby and the extreme sports winner for sure! I would say discoverer of new extreme sports! Dealing […]

Full Moon

I don’t like full moon. OK. I don’t like full moon in the autumn. … especially when it’s raining outside and the moon is hiding behind dark clouds…. … and when  I’m the only one grownup in the house! And last night all THAT came together! I was home alone with Helmī, outside was raining, dark clouds covered the sky and moon […]

Moody Moon

I never thought I could tell the Moon phase by watching my kids! And I mean that FULL MOON phase when kids don’t want to go to bed and jumping around till 1 am! And, YES! I’m informed about those reserches that show that the moon doesn’t affect the behavior of children the way we thought it might. Wiccans? Wiccans were […]