Full Moon

I don’t like full moon.


OK. I don’t like full moon in the autumn.

… especially when it’s raining outside and the moon is hiding behind dark clouds….

… and when  I’m the only one grownup in the house!


And last night all THAT came together! I was home alone with Helmī, outside was raining, dark clouds covered the sky and moon were full! Scary!


I lit the candles to fight the demons inside my head :). Everything is fine now!



10 thoughts on “Full Moon

      1. Well I wouldn’t know; £1000 for the latest iPhone here is, for me, ridiculous. I have a very good digital camera (not DSLR) but cannot be bothered to use it except when photographing a gig or something. However, for the moon I’d have to use it. Now, for the blog, I just rely on the iPad – it’s good enough I think. I hate phones so mine is very, very old – at least 10 years. I think it takes photos but I’ve never tried. I carry it in case the car breaks down and, rarely, to txt with Petronela is we’re going to be late home or something like that.

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        1. Interesting! I bought DSLR to be an amature photographer… after a while we traveled to Germany and then I discovered that it’s easiest to share if thaken with phone 🙂 Good by camera… Hello phone! 😀 But I hope to deal with my household to get it back on track and then… use my camera again!


      1. Well, as you know for my ‘amateur photography’ I prefer film. I bought a digital camera for work – I had to be able to send high resolution pictures to a newspaper quickly. As you say, for blogging, Facebook, messenger, etc, it’s much easier to use a phone/iPad etc and, of course, as they will only be viewed on screen then 72/96 dpi is enough. Of course a higher resolution allows you to crop drastically and still have a good picture so a long lens is less necessary. So now the majority of my blog pictures are on the iPad, unless they are taken for another purpose (or I want to make prints). However, recently I’ve gone in the opposite direction to you; you want to return to your ‘amateur photography, I’ve suddenly lost interest in it as such and now more or less take pictures only to illustrate the blog. I feel a blog post coming on about all this !

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  1. 👍 yes, noise in a big factor when the light isn’t good. But the iPad does surprisingly well. I guess a later one (or phone) would do better and my Fuji X-Pro1 does even though that’s pretty old now.

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    1. It’s beautiful! But my girls get so hyper on the full moon. And admin if you would live in the countryside (alone) near forest on a night with rain and wind… you’ll be scared too 😀

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