Kurzeme Stroganoff

Thank you, KR from estoniancuisine to bring back memories from schools dining hall!

Estonian Cuisine. Eesti Toit.

Kurzeme (8) Kurzeme Stroganoff

With this food  I will make a great tribute to our good neighbors Latvians.  But this is a very good dish and I am from South-Estonia, what is almost Latvia:), so let it be in Estonian blog.

Kurzeme 1(1) Kurzeme Stroganoff

Read more about Latvia on Ilze blog https://latvianmom.com/home/

Soundtrack . This song author is the most popular and famous ( for my generation) Latvian song-writer Raimond Pauls. Song about Kurzeme talking about this beautiful place. Vello Orumets ” Kurzeme”

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6 thoughts on “Kurzeme Stroganoff

  1. Interesting. Are pickled cucumbers something you eat a lot in Latvia? It is so in Romania – they are often on the table with all sort of dishes – not so much here in the UK. In fact what they call ‘castraveți’ (cucumbers) we would call ‘gerkins’. Cucumbers are larger, smooth skins and most usually eaten, sliced, in a green or mixed salad, not pickled. We (ie P and I) eat pickled gerkins most often at New Year as an indispensible component of ‘Salata de boeuf’ (which usually has no ‘boeuf’ in it 😂).

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      1. I looked up Kurzeme. Looks wonderful (remember what you said about ‘learning’ from blogging). The traditional houses in the open air museum look of similar construction to the Romanian ones (like the one we’re trying to buy) but without the railed ‘veranda’ across the front.
        Another similar name but this time with English ‘gerkin’ not Romanian; fascinating.
        Does Raimons Pauls also sing the song in Latvian?

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