Full Moon & Mosquitoes!

Beautiful full moon tempted me to go outside at night (I’m a bit afraid of the dark, if alone outside) with a camera in hand.

Is it just me or are there more mosquitoes this year? I bet Mosquitoes number hasn’t changed. That is because so many people have left Latvia to work in UK, Ireland, Norway, etc., only a few left for mosquitoes to bite!

Fact: 600 000 people have left Latvia since gained independence from the Soviet Union. Now only left 1,95 million for Mosquitoes to be eaten.

Latvian emigrates in the UK and other countries – maybe you wanna come back!? Please! I don’t mind sharing mosquitoes 🙂

Do you have mosquitoes where you live!? How do you deal with them!?


28 thoughts on “Full Moon & Mosquitoes!

  1. Lovely creative pictures. We couldn’t see the moon here for the past couple of night or so, cloud, so it was good to see her ‘second hand’.
    Your comments about mosquitoes made me laugh. We don’t have here in Uk generally. Maybe that’s why UK tops the list countries to which Latvians have moved. 😂.
    Scotland is notorious for midges, tiny little flies which are perhaps even more unsupportable than mosquitoes. There are even songs about them.

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    1. 🙂 I have mosquitos nets in front of windows, but those small flies would bet through I suppose. Last summer we were so lucky being in Germay… no mosquioes there – only fies!

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  2. I have a little fan by my bed and keep it on all night as mosquitoes don’t like wind. I also have mosquito coils to burn outside and have to apply mosquito repellant to the cats and myself. Outside I have an electric gadget that sucks them in. Next year I plan to get mosquito nets. Hope that helps. Love your blog

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    1. We have mosquitoes nets and repellant for the cat. Good idea about the little fan! We have some candles in stores but those never help 🙂 Thank you for your comment Ffranses!


  3. We have horrible mosquitoes here in Houston! I cover myself in deet spray and just do what I want to do. Deet is supposed to be a chemical that keeps them away and let me tell you, they will find that one spot that is not covered!

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  4. We have tons of mosquitoes in northeast USA, plenty to go around for all the people here😩 Have to say though, they don’t bother me much anymore, they like the young blood😀 Love your description of them in Latvia!!! And the moon…Stunning photos!!!

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  5. My home state of Michigan is Mosquito City. Here in Las Vegas, there are zero mosquitoes and very very few bugs. Love! Latvia has a population of two million? That is the population of Las Vegas. As a kid, the mosquitos tore me up, I must have been real juicy.

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  6. How interesting – I didn’t realise the population of Latvia is so low! My uncle is the son of Latvian immigrants in Australia 🙂

    As for mosquitoes, I saw a news article that there are less than usual in Finland this summer… so maybe they all went on holiday to Latvia?!

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    1. Maybe!? Those mosquitoes are clever :). Son of Latvian imigrants!? Interesting! Do you know something else about this – surname, year, reason!?


      1. I won’t share the name on here because it’s not such a common name so they can be easily traced 🙂 I don’t know the exact year but I think they moved to Australia in the 1950s. It was a time when there was a lot of development happening in Australia so there were a lot of jobs. They named their children with traditional Latvian names and spoke Latvian to them when they were little 🙂

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  7. 🙂. I don’t think there are any in the UK, however, we have a gazillion in Nigeria where I lived. Mosquito coils, Insecticides were all used to deter them but my favourite was dried orange peels burned in an incense holder. I must say though that I don’t miss mosquitoes because of malaria fever.

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  8. Mosquitoes are terrible in the Midwest especially in my backyard.
    Whenever I’m working outdoors, I keep a couple dryer sheets in my pockets. I read many years ago that mosquitoes do not like the smell of fabric softener. It really helps deter the little buggers. If they are especially pesty I rub the dryer sheet on my arms, neck and any other exposed skin for even more protection. Its not 100% effective but it beats using harsh chemicals.
    My husband’s Greek grandmother always planted basil near her door, so continuing the tradition, I always have a pot near our backdoor, the one we use. She told me basil is a welcoming plant in Greece. I recently found out that basil provides a mosquito free zone wherever it is planted because they do not like the smell. This year I’m planting more basil everywhere!
    Love the moon pics…..so beautiful!

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    1. Now you are welcoming “more” 🙂 acourding to Greek tradition 😉 So, I have to try planting basil around. We don’t have dryer sheets in Latvia… or I don’t know about them.


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