My Business Plan

I wrote a business plan for something (I still don’t want to tell what it is… but maybe I already did!?) and now I’ve been waiting for results…

girls wanna have fun
Girls just wanna have fun!!!

Now I’m a bit annoyed, cause I don’t like waiting! A short period of few days is ok but not a month! Now it’s a bit more than a month since I submitted the business plan and I have no idea whether they love the idea or not!

Every time Olita writes me in Facebook Messenger (we become friends while I was writing and she was consulting) I’m alert! Open the messenger with excitement… and with FEAR too! She should know first whether it’s Accepted or Denied.

I try not to WAIT for the answer but somehow I think about it several times per day… It’s my future.. is it?! Why I need that milestone to be reached to move on!? Maybe I don’t need that support and I can start NOW by doing what I like and taking it to the next level!?

The Business plan idea hooked me so much that I will do it anyway… But when!?


14 thoughts on “My Business Plan

  1. I’m sure you will do it anyway, though it will be a bit more difficult. But difficulties have not stopped you doing what you want to do until now. However, let’s hope your business plan in accepted and you get the funding.
    As usual, the pic of your girls ‘having fun” will make my day 😃

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      1. Difficult or not, for sure it’s worth waiting to see if you can get the money necessary elsewhere. You’d have had to do a business plan anyway to be successful. I’m keeping fingers crossed for you.

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