Sunny & hot

Can’t believe the weather this year! It’s so hot and sunny for weeks! Haven’t rained or at least not in the daytime. Maybe few nights had rain but it wasn’t heavy for sure!

My little ones are having fun in “Gulbīšu parks”

Usually, it’s not that hot here in Latvia. Those who love warm weather are happy now. When I was in Salacgriva for three days I did a sunbathing. It was the same warmth but the feeling was way better. Now here near Gulbene, it feels so hot and it’s getting hard to breathe. I don’t like going out at all! I had a bicycle ride to the Lāsmas house to get delicious rhubarb. What I’ll do with it?! Don’t know yet.

Coffee time for mom 🙂

Do you have weather warmer than usual!?


23 thoughts on “Sunny & hot

  1. Your weather must be rather humid. Summer in Las Vegas is super hot with temperatures well over 100F for about three months per year. You get used to it!


      1. You are correct! I speak with confidence, having grown up in Michigan. Can’t take that cold and damp anymore. The Mojave Desert suits me well! I’ve enjoyed following you! 😎❤️

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            1. You would say “Raining cats and dogs!” and we would say “Līst kā pa Jāņiem!” – words are different but the meaning is the same – HEAVY RAIN 🙂

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  2. It has been hot, particularly in the south of England, but that was accompanied by amazing thunder storms – 15,000 to 20,000 lighning flashes were reported. Here, further north in Yorkshire, it has been warmer than usual but for the past couple of days just warm but dull and occasional rain. Of course it rains – it’s a holiday this week!!!
    As ever, lovely to see the girls enjoying the weather. 😃


  3. Beautiful pic of your girls on the swan:) Here in Massachusetts it’s been unseasonably cool, but the last couple of days have been in the 80’s F. Cooler weather is forecasted again for next week, in the 50’s😕

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  4. It has been warm and dry for weeks in Finland as well! I am almost sick of summer already and it hasn’t even officially started yet 😉

    Please share what you decide to make with the rhubarb! I’ll hopefully get some rhubarb soon so a recipe idea would be great.

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    1. Yes! I will! I missed your blog, but now I read it all! It’s good that your kid loves Finland! When does the school end?! On June?! Or other month. Here in Latvia we start on Spetember and end on June.


      1. Thanks for catching up 🙂 Last day of school is tomorrow! And starts back again in the second week of August. But people are pushing for the dates to be made later, since the weather in August is usually better than June. So I think the Latvian dates make more sense. Happy summer!

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