A day in the life of a latvian mom..

Well, it’s getting crazy! This year has been hard for me! We lost two good people this year. One of them was my uncle almost 90 years old physicist! I remember learning Physics at school from a yellow book. I was proud, cause on the cover was his name (he was the author of that physics book). Another was a […]

End of July

I was away… I was BUSY (hate that word)! I can’t explain my absence in other words! Maybe CRAZY, RUSHing, MULTITASKing!       Well, that is not why I’m blogging at the moment! Sitting in my kitchen sipping decaf coffee with cream and eating macadamia nuts. And these past weeks (months) was NUTS! Still is!     I’m opening up […]

Card making workshop #1

It was so a while ago (23.03.2018) when I agreed to run a cardmaking workshop… Well, I guess I didn’t know what it means :). I agreed and was prepared for worth! Well, I was prepared and not prepared at the same time. The last picture (above) shows how it was! It was crazy! There wasn’t prepared paces at desks […]

Crazy Morning

“Beautiful sunny morning!” I said to Janis. “What’s the date today!?” asked Janis. I lost my voice! I had a very serious appointment, that can’t be missed… “OMG! it’s 14th of December I had an appointment yesterday!!!” I run to the computer, then bookshelf. Looked for “important” papers! And went back to the computer. “What to do!?” I asked Janis […]

Oh, it’s a full moon!

Girls were driving me crazy at the weekend! I couldn’t explain why! They were so active and challenging! Fighting with each other, running, jumping, banging head and believing that they can fly… form sofa to armchair! Helmī was the craziest, the most active, the fastest, the crybaby and the extreme sports winner for sure! I would say discoverer of new extreme sports! Dealing […]