Card making workshop #1

It was so a while ago (23.03.2018) when I agreed to run a cardmaking workshop… Well, I guess I didn’t know what it means :). I agreed and was prepared for worth!

Well, I was prepared and not prepared at the same time. The last picture (above) shows how it was! It was crazy! There wasn’t prepared paces at desks for people. Also, it was “all age welcome” no need to “register” before… And It was chaos, madness and sometimes it felt like no one listen!

I start myΒ workshop with “It is so good to get out of the house and be with people” and end it with “Last 15 minutes! I want to get home!”


When I finally got home I throw myΒ heel boots in the corner, had rum & cola and some cheese balls πŸ™‚ trying to sort my cardmaking stuff … and try to understand “what just happened”?!

This gave me some good ideas on how I would like such workshops to be done. And that is good, right?!


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