Crazy Morning

“Beautiful sunny morning!” I said to Janis.


“What’s the date today!?” asked Janis.

I lost my voice! I had a very serious appointment, that can’t be missed… “OMG! it’s 14th of December I had an appointment yesterday!!!” I run to the computer, then bookshelf. Looked for “important” papers! And went back to the computer.

“What to do!?” I asked Janis with a tier in my eyes…

“Don’t know! Try calling them!”

They all are grumpy, unhappy and terrible like in all bureaucrats in Latvian institutions. They smile when you fail and they aren’t super satisfied to point out “your fault”!

I found one number… but that’s the all departments boss… I remember that first day I had to talk with her… Searched for more information and I found the phone number of my lovely assistant.

Beeeeeep! Beeeeeep! (I’m so nervous! Ready to take my fault and ask to “do it over again!”)

She answered and I told her that I had to visit her yesterday… and waited silently…

“No problem, don’t worry you can come today!”

“I’m coming, thank you!”

All I did was clean my teeth… and RUN! Janis brought me to the “institutions” and I jumped out of the car and run inside. No one there… Then she came from the street saying: “Come in, come in! I’m off today but I was near…”OMG! She saved me!!! She really does save me…

Back home at 11am… Got something in the mail!


That was my yesterday morning




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