A day in the life of a latvian mom..

Well, it’s getting crazy! This year has been hard for me! We lost two good people this year. One of them was my uncle almost 90 years old physicist! I remember learning Physics at school from a yellow book. I was proud, cause on the cover was his name (he was the author of that physics book).

Another was a young man, our kids are in the same kindergarten group… that was a tragic death! It was too hard for me, I couldn’t go to the funeral.

In between of all this, I call this year a crazy year, a lot of small bad things are happening all the time and I’m trying to cope… It’s hard! I’m only 36, but I can say that all the series of bad things are too much for my nerves.

I’m not complaining.. at first – crazy year, terrible things are happening to me and my family constantly, but then I realize – I NEED TO LEARN SOMETHING! Maybe this is the hard way, but… THERE IS NO OTHER WAY… RIGHT?!

So, this year is my year… I learn from not being invited to weddings, I learn from losing friends or have fake ones! I learn from how my kids feel and their behavior, I learn from clients, that doesn’t show up… or I forgot about! YES, that happened! I thought it will never happen.. but it happened! I was in the studio 15 minutes late. I cared! I learn from my business partners who don’t care! I learn from all of them about SELF LOVE!

I don’t have to do or be someone. I can change my mind, I can be me and I can choose!

Atticsister, Julie and Roger I’ve been thinking about you!! But I can’t sit down to write a letter at the moment!

My schedule is crazy, cause Nelle started school this September also School of Arts and School of Music! I drive a car. Yes, that is something new to me. I have my driving license for 3 years now, but only now (actually mid-august) I started to drive! So I’ve been picking up girls and drop them at music or art school etc. It’s a full-time job! But I still have studio… so I wonder… how to do all that!?



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